Payments Methods

CHOOSE THE PAYMENT SOLUTION THAT SUITS YOU THE MOST.    Please note that some payment methods are global (for all countries), while others are country specific. To be sure that a payment method is accepted in your country, create an account and start the payment process. You will see the options available during the second phase of the order (Payment).



We accept VISA and MasterCard It is the recommended payment method, since it is instantaneous. This means that as soon as you pay and confirm the order, it will be processed.

3D Secure

All transactions use the 3D Secure protocol, which means that the identity of the customer is verified by additional channels, and then validated to guarantee the legitimacy of the card. In this way, you are better protected against fraud. This protocol is offered by Visa (Verified by Visa) and Mastercard (SecureCode).

How to pay by credit card

During the second phase of the process ("Payment"), you can choose the option to pay by credit card. Selecting this option will display a form to fill in with the required details. Once completed click "Continue". Due to 3D Secure, a pop-up window may appear requesting identification.

If your credit card is declined, the 3D Secure window does not appear correctly, or any other error occurs, we will not be able to accept your credit card payment. If this happens, choose another payment method, such as PayPal.

Please note that for your security, we use a fraud detection system that can be activated if your order is not normal. In this case, our team will contact you to validate your order. This process can take 48 to 72 hours. If you do not respond to us within 5 days, we will cancel your order and give you a refund.

For maximum security, we partner with a secure and reliable payment platform. Protection is carried out through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology, the most secure and widespread on the Internet. GOBALTIMA secures the transactions with STRIPE. We use the SSL encryption process that encrypts all your personal data when you enter it. STRIPE guarantees your transactions on the Internet: its logo certifies absolute reliability on our site. No bank card number is stored in GOBALTIMA.  Two other indicators that allow us to ensure that our website uses a secure connection at the time of payment are:

The symbols Secure payment symbols, which tell us that your transaction is secure, therefore you can complete the form with confidence. And the http: // of the site address becomes https: // ("s" means secure).

PayPal is a global online payment method.

PayPal is a globally known secure payment solution used by tens of millions of people.  PayPal allows you to pay for your purchase simply with your email address and password. Your bank details are linked to your PayPal account, which allows you to pay at all the merchants that offer this payment method.

PayPal is instant. This means that as soon as you pay and confirm the order, it will be processed.

How to pay using PayPal

During the second step of the process ("Payment"), you can choose the payment option with PayPal. Upon selecting this option, a box will appear allowing you to save the details for a faster process in your next order. If you want to save the details, check this box. Then click continue and confirm your order.

To make the payment you will be redirected to the PayPal website. Once the payment is completed, it will be returned to Zumub, where your order has been registered and you will receive a confirmation email.

Please note that there may be restrictions for some countries and / or products. If the PayPal option is not displayed during the process, please select another payment method. We recommend credit card.

Bank Transfer

If you prefer, you can also pay for your purchase by bank transfer.  By selecting this payment method, you will receive a confirmation email with our bank details and your order number. Once we send you the email, you have 5 business days to make the transfer. Thus, once the payment is confirmed, we can guarantee the availability of your products. Upon receiving your transfer, we will send you the order. 

Please forward the proof of payment to the order confirmation email so that we can better identify your payment. For banks within the Canada, your payment will take one business day to be confirmed. For banks outside the Canada, the payment can take up to a week to confirm.

The order will be shipped the same day of confirmation.

Note:  Products are reserved for 5 days. If payment is not received in that period, the order will be canceled.

To speed up this process, send us the proof of your transfer once it has been made to the email